Interaction Advisory Group

Prioritizing Safety & Raising Awareness Since 2015

Interaction Advisory Group (IAG) is the premier company for First Responders seeking vital training on safely engaging with individuals who have autism or developmental disabilities. Led by Founder and Lead Instructor, Dustin Chandler, a compassionate former police officer and dedicated father of a child with disabilities, IAG understands your unique challenges and perspectives. IAG provides practical, actionable information that you can immediately implement upon completing our courses.

What sets IAG apart is our deep understanding of both law enforcement and the disability community. With firsthand experience and empathy, our courses are designed to give you expertise from someone who comprehends your world.

Our comprehensive program covers essential topics such as Recognition/Evaluation, Scene Management, Communication, De-Escalation, and more. We are proud to set the gold standard in autism and developmental disability training, with a focus on prioritizing safety from initial contact to returning to service.